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Novelette eBook series being released.


Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II is an award-winning fan-film series that released 11 episodes and 5 vignettes continuing the original series into a forth season. Due to the release of the CBS Fan-Film guidelines, production of new episodes has ceased and the studios have been turned into a licensed Original Series Set Tour open to the public.

All New Voyages operations in the USA (Retro Film Studios) have been closed down and the existing episodes are now being looked after by "New Voyages: Phase II, International" (previously known as the UK+Germany mirror) which is an independent site based in Cologne, Germany that runs an extensive YouTube channel and website in English, French, German and Spanish with subtitles for all episodes in many languages.

As it is no longer possible to make fan-films, we are now releasing a series of five novelette eBooks that are directly intertwined with the events depicted in the fan-film episodes. These eBooks were originally written in 2014-15 and only had a very limited release back then. Although these stories were not made by the official New Voyages team, the author Glenn E. Smith was a member of the production team that helped to make the fan-film episodes.

We have now released the first two episodes, free of charge, with the remaining three to be released in monthly intervals in five different eBook formats : Mobi (Kindle), ePub, PDF, LRF (Sony) and PDB (Palm). 

Do not look for them on the Amazon Kindle platform, as they stipulate a minimum charge of $0.99 and we are only permitted to release them for free. They can be downloaded directly from our website:

If more can be written and released depends on CBS, as we are being very cautious about releasing any new materials that were created after the release of the Fan-Film guidelines, due to the fact that the team used to make fan-films and are now Star Trek licence holders for the tour and we need to ensure nothing is done to endanger that. Although eBooks should not actually be affected by the guidelines, we are erring on the side of caution.

This series is written by Glenn E. Smith and takes part between episodes of the fan-film series, adding new details, story-lines and background to the Star Trek universe as seen in the award-winning “Star Trek New Voyages/Phase-II” fan-film series! 

Here is a brief summary of the stories we have released:

Novelette #1: “Friends and Foes” is part 1 of the "Conspiracy" saga that takes place several weeks after the live-action episode “Blood and Fire” and shortly before the live-action episode “Enemy: Starfleet.” 

Plot: Captain Kirk is forced to work with a personal enemy from his past while confronting a much more dangerous enemy in the present, all while making first contact with a previously unknown and potentially hostile alien race.

Novelette #2: "True To His Oath" is a short story based on a concept developed by Charles Root (who played Scotty in the series) and used with permission. The events take place after the live-action episode “Enemy: Starfleet” and before the live-action episode “The Child.”
Plot: Recently promoted, Scotty meets up with an old flame and tells the story of how that promotion came to be.

Novelette #3: "The 11th Hour" is part 2 of the Conspiracy trilogy based on an idea from Barry Gavin and used with permission. The events take place after the live-action episode “The Child” and before the live-action episode “Kitumba.”

Plot: An old friend returns. A new starship launches. The Federation makes an overture to an enemy as the countdown to all-out war reaches... THE 11th HOUR.

Novelette #4: "The Enemy of my Enemy" is part 3 of the "Conspiracy" saga.  The events take place after the live-action episode “Kitumba” and before the eBook: “Calm Before the Storm.”
Plot: When Romulan Commander Dion Charvon returns home to a reception unlike anything she ever expected, her younger sister, Sub-Lieutenant D’Vahn Charvon of the Tal’Shiar, is afforded one opportunity to make things right and save her sister’s life. Meanwhile, aboard the Starship Enterprise, Captain Kirk begins his investigation into who really stands behind the conspiracy that very nearly plunged the Federation into interstellar war. 

Novelette #5: "Calm Before the Storm" is the last in the current series of stories written in the Star Trek universe, as seen in the New Voyages: Phase II fan-film series. It takes place after the live-action episode “Kitumba” and the story "The Enemy of My Enemy."

Plot: Enroute to rendezvous with the dreadnought U.S.S. Alliance near the Romulan neutral zone to pick up Colonel Finnegan and his MACOs, Captain Kirk takes time out to tell his nephew, Peter, about his first mission as captain of the Enterprise.

All five stories can now be downloaded free at in the following popular eBook formats!
Mobi (Kindle)
ePub (Nook, Kobo, Sony reader and tablets)
PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format)
LRF (Older Sony Readers)
PDP (Older Palm Devices)

All filmed episodes and background information, behind the scenes material can be found on that website, too. The website has also just had a face-lift so that it works on anything from a smartphone to a Full-HD screen,

December 31, 2016
(updated April 4, 2017)

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