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Star Trek Phase II Vignette: Going Boldly - Download

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Going Boldly 

Episode: Vignette 4
Title: "Going Boldly" 
Length: 0:09:14 
Release date: 06 August 2012 
Stardate: Unknown
Writer: Dave Gallanter 
Director: James Cawley 

Going Boldly
To celebrate the day NASA landed their new Curiosity Rover on Mars, Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II has released this video to celebrate their new Enterprise as well. May both Curiosity and Phase II continue on their 2 year mission to seek out new life and new civilizations, and boldly go where no man has gone before. 

This short film starts with a tribute to five lost souls: \n

Anthony DeGregorio
  •  A real person who was Assistant Set Construction Foreman making Phase II episodes 

John Olson
  • A real person who was part of the Grip & Electric team at the Phase II studios 

Lt. R.L. Dickerson
  • A fictional character who was chief of security in the TOS episode "The Savage Curtain" and killed in the opening sequence of Enemy Starfleet (played by Charles Miller II). 

Lt. Mikhail Hodel
  • A fictional character (played by Nick Cook) who was an engineer and eaten by bloodworms in Blood and Fire. 

Lt. Alexander Freemann
  • A fictional character (played by Evan Fowler) who was the medical technician and boyfriend of Ensign Peter Kirk in Blood and Fire.

This film also signifies a new beginning for Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II introducing Brian Gross as Capt. Kirk, Jasmine Pierce as Uhura, Wayne Johnson as Ensign Dawson Walking Bear and Chris Doohan as the voice of the animated Lt. Arex. 

It also introduces the newly refitted USS Enterprise in the form of a new CGI model made by Tobias Richter of The Light Works, based in Cologne, Germany. Tobias rebuilt the model of the Enterprise from scratch based on the TOS model, yet with new pylons, nacelles and a few modifications (photons tubes, airlock).

Video Downloads - Going Boldly

SDTV: 720x404 29.976fps (52.1MB)
(Ideal for standard definition viewing. 16:9 Widescreen suitable for computers, TVs, etc. worldwide)

1280x720p 29.976fps (155MB)
(HDTV 720p version in mkv format. Subtitles included in video file)

Subtitles (SRT)












(SRT Subtitles for SDTV and HDTV Versions)

Brian Gross

James T. Kirk

Brandon Stacy

Mr. Spock

John Kelley

Dr. Leonard 'Bones' McCoy

Charles Root

Lt. Cmdr Montgomery Scott

Johnathan Zungre

Lt. Pavel Chekov

Jasmine Pierce

Lt. Nyota Uhura

Wayne Johnson

En. Dawson Walking Bear

Bobby Quinn Rice

Ensign Peter Kirk

Patrick Bell


Jeff Mailhotte


Emlee Vassilos


Kelly Heffernan


Ron M. Gates


Chriss Doohan

Lt. Arex (Voice)

Robert Withrow

Admiral Withrow

Alec Peters

Captain Garth

Clay Sayre

Troyan Ambassador

Denise DeGregorio


John Mulhern

EVA Crewman


Starfleet Crew and Officers

Kylie Benedict

Sarah Briggs

Rick Bruns

Rick Chambers

Melissa Conway

Brain Covault

Anna Finucane

Steven Fritz

Edward Grieb

Tina Danielson

Dennis Hotson

Rob Mauro

Charlie H. Miller II

John M. Mulhern

Bryan Scott Rose

Jaime Sanchez

Jonathan C. Schall

Glenn E. Smith

Michael Stern

Brian Tubbs

James “Verg” Vergon

Jason Portney

Samantha Zungre

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