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4x11 Star Trek New Voyages: Torment of Destiny

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Torment of Destiny

Title: "Torment of Destiny"

Length: Unknown

Release date: 2016

Writer: Rick Chambers

Guest Star: Richard Hatch

Filmed: July 2015

“Torment of Destiny” is the thirteenth episode of Star Trek New Voyages and is written by Rick Chambers. This episode is a sequel to the original series episode “For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky”. Rivkah Raven Wood guest stars as Natira, the High Priestess of Yonada, Clay Sayre as President Ro’Kail, Rebecca Larken as To’Rya, and special guest star Richard Hatch (Captain Apollo from the original Battlestar Galactica) as Orthros.  The crew painstakingly recreated the Oracle Room set from the original episode. Natira’s wig and dress were also recreated to near perfection.

Production of this episode began July 10th and ended July 24th 2015 on location and at the Desilu Studios in Ticonderoga, New York.

Update Feb. 2018: Due to the CBS Fan-Film Guidelines, post-production work on this episode has been halted. All scenes have been filmed, but there are about 180 visual effects that need to be added to the episode, which would be many months of work. As two of our three visual effects experts can no longer work on the project due to the restrictions of the Fan-Film guidelines, completion of this episode cannot continue without special permission being granted from CBS. This is unlikely during release of Discovery and we are unsure if this episode will ever be permitted to be completed. We understand this is disappointing for our loyal fans, but we are not responsible for the events that led up to the release of those guidelines.

You can however view our behind the scenes footage, below.
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