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Return to the original "New Voyages" name on June 9, 2015
June 9, 2015

As a bit of an homage to that old Star Trek: The New Voyages book, we decided to release “Mind-Sifter” under our "Star Trek: New Voyages" moniker, rather than our "Star Trek: Phase II" moniker. Further, for a variety of reasons, this episode plays better as an episode that takes place during the The Original Series (TOS) era–back during the first three years of Captain Kirk’s five-year mission, rather than during the two later years of his mission.  

On 9 June 2015, James Cawley announced on Trekbbs that "We are officially NEW VOYAGES and the Phase II moniker has been dropped." As many fans had commented that they actually preferred the name "New Voyages," we have reverted back to that name and all future apisodes will now be released under the "New Voyages" name.

Two new logos are now used to represent our series. The first one is used to just represent New Voyages on new episodes, etc. The second logo combines both the New Voyages and Phase II in order to represent that both names have been used by us.

New Star Trek New Voyages Logo
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