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4x13 Star Trek New Voyages: Origins


Origins: The Protracted Man

Title: "Origins: The Protracted Man"

Length: 0:53:10

Writer: Rick Chambers

Guest Star: Matt Ewald

Filmed: July 2011

While Cadet James T. Kirk is trying to overcome the Kobayashi Maru test, his father George is captured in a dangerous experiment. Can Cadet Kirk save him with a dangerous procedure that could kill them both?

This epiisode is actually two stories combined into one from writers Dave Galanter and David Gerrold, who also directed this episode. The production suffered a number of setbacks and while it was planned to release it in 2013, it was in fact never completed depite being more than 90% finished. The episode was even lost for years until recently being found on a DVD, again. It will not be completed or officially released. 

Pony Horton also made a Behind the Scenes video that you can see below.

Origins - Behind the Scenes Video
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