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Star Trek: New Voyages/Phase II eMagazines are designed to give access to information not found on the website. Each issue contains, interviews, exclusive photos, articles, posters, and downloads that give you an idea of what it takes to produce ST:P2. The eMagazines on this page are in English. Star Trek Illustrated can be downloaded here.

Download the issues below, by clicking on the image on the left, and view the eMagazines online or print them out and save them.

You will need Acrobat Reader 7 or newer to read the eMagazines.

Issue 1 - March 2007

Issue #1 – Premiere Issue – 33 Full-color Pages include: Interview with “WEaT” Director Marc Scott Zicree, Behind the Scenes Photos from the “WEaT” shoot, Fan Fiction by Charles Root, Interview with VFX Wizard Ron Thornton, Fan Reviews, Behind-the-Scenes Articles, posters, downloads, and much, much more is found in our first BTS eMagazine. 29.6MB Zipped file.

Issue 2 - June 2007

Issue #2 – Special Interview Issue – 60+ pages of articles and interviews. Those interviewed include, Denise Crosby, Star Trek: First Voyages Co-Executive Producer Carlos Pedraza, Ben Tolpin (BaF’s Spock), Kim Stringer (Uhura), Meghan King Johnson (Rand), and more. Articles on TOS LCARS, Kirk’s Klingon Nemesis Kargh, posters, downloads, and more surprises. 29.9MB Zipped file.

Issue 3 - September 2007

Issue #3 –53 Full-color pages. Interviews: David Gerrold, Joel Bellucci, Andy Bray, and Leslie Hoffman. James Cawley's Captain's Log, WEaT Fan Reaction, a BTS look at the California shoot of WEaT, WEaT Beverly Hills Premiere Report, more BTS Photos of the BaF shoot, Designing the new science ship Copernicus, VFX of ST:P2, "How Elvis Saved Star Trek" Ch. 9 Excerpt, Star Trek: Phase II En Español, DragonCon 2007 report , posters, downloads, and much, much more. 9.1MB Zipped file.

Issue 4 - December 2007

Issue #4 - 72 Full-color pages. Interviews: Doug Drexler / Max Rem, Charles Root, Bobby Rice, Evan Fowler, TOS' Lt. Kyle - John Winston, Leslie Hoffman (Pt. 2), Ralph Miller, and Ron Boyd. The latest news from the Captain's Log, "In Harm's Way" Storyboards, "How Elvis Saved Star Trek" Ch. 12 Excerpt, Phaser 3 Assault Rifle, Hugo Nomination Info, "The Measure of Success" Illustrated Adventure by Ron Boyd, and the 2008 Star Trek: Phase II Calendar. 8.5MB Zipped File.

Issue 5 - April 2008

Issue #5 - 72 Full-color pages. TSAMD-1969 Premiere Event Report, Daren Dochterman Interview, Jonathan Zungre Interview, Howard Brown Interview, Jimmy Diggs / Court Jones / Dorothy Fontana Interview, Jon Povill Interview, Klingon Costumes and Props, Fan Art Contest Winners, Paul Sieber Interview, Erik Watts Interview, Diane Carey Interview, and the latest information on up-coming Phase II projects in James Cawley’s Captain’s Log. 9.6MB zipped file.

Issue 6 - February 2009

Issue #6 - 55 Full-color Pages. James Cawley's Captain's Log, Interviews with BarBara Luna, Paul R. Sieber, Clive Young, Brandon Stacy, Jonathan Zungre, JT Tepnepa, and Brian Q. Kelley, Visual Retrospective on "In Harm's Way," Directing "Blood and Fire" by David Gerrold, Behind-the-Scenes Photos from the set of "The Child," and Fan Reaction to "Blood and Fire." This issue is 10.3MB zipped file.

Issue 7 - May 2009

Issue #7 - 52 Full-color pages. Interviews with Jeff Mailhotte. Evolution of the Bridge, "Come What May" Photo Album, Sneak Peek at the VFX of "Enemy: Starfleet," a "Striking" look at the grip/electric crew, and James Cawley's "Captain's Log," with all the latest on Phase II projects. 14.8MB Zipped file.

Issue 8 - December 2009

Issue #8 - 76 Full-color pages. Interviews with VFX artist Tobias Richter, Pony R. Horton, Nick Cook, and Kario Pereira Bailey. "Blood and Fire" Part 2 Fan Reaction, images from the Drex Files, Behind-the-Scene Photos from "Kitumba," storyboards from "Kitumba," and Issue #2 of Star Trek: Phase II The Illustrated Adventures populate this issue. 18.2MB Zipped file.

Issue 9 - Winter 2010

Issue #9 – 43 Full-color pages. Interviews with VFX artist Juve Vique. Interviews with Glenn E. Smith, Bill Lutz & Rob Barnes. Updates on “The Child”, “Enemy: Starfleet” and “Kitumba”.
Issue #3 of Star Trek: Phase II The Illustrated Adventures. 1
7.6 MB Zipped file.

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