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4x03 Star Trek New Voyages: World Enough and Time - Download

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Guest Stars: 
George Takei as Hikaru Sulu 
Christina Moses as Alana Sulu 
Mimi Chong as Demora Sulu 
Grace Lee Whitney as Janice Rand 
Majel Barrett Roddenberry as The Computer Voice
Lia Johnson as Dr. Lisa Chandris
World Enough and Time Poster

World Enough and Time

Episode: 4x03
Title: "World Enough and Time"
Length: 1:04:26 (HD version)
Release date: 23.08.2007
Stardate: 6283.4  (Sun August 25, 2267)

Writer: Marc Scott Zicree & Michael Reaves
Director: Marc Scott Zicree
English subs: Tom Collins, Teri Davidson, Kevin King, Bill Wooton, Mike Savage and Peter Walker

A Romulan weapons test goes awry and snares the Enterprise in an inter-dimensional trap. Lt. Commander Sulu returns to find himself 30 years out of place and the key to saving the crew of the Enterprise as the precarious grasp on their own dimension begins to slip.\n

Video Downloads - World Enough and Time

SDTV 24p :  720x404 23.976fps 16:9 (360MB)

(Standard definition in 24p format. Widely compatible with TVs worldwide)

EDTV 480p: 852x480 EDTV 23.976fps 16:9 (499MB)

(Enhanced definition 480p version in mkv format. Subtitles included in video file)

HDTV 720p: 1280x720 HDTV 23.976fps 16:9 (1039MB)
(HDTV 720p version in mkv format. Subtitles included in video file)

Extras: Making of and World Premiere videos
(World Enough and Time, Making of documentary and World Premiere panel discussion)

Subtitles (SRT)













(SRT subtitle files for SDTV versions Above. Additional software May be required)
TV Guide Online Video Awards Winner

James Cawley

Captain James T. Kirk

Jeffery Quinn

Mr. Spock

John M. Kelley

Dr. Leonard 'Bones' McCoy

Charles Root

Lt. Cmdr Montgomery Scott

Andy Bray

Lt. Pavel Chekov

George Takei

Captain Hikaru Sulu

John Lim

Lt. Cmdr. Hikaru Sulu

Julienne Irons

Lt. Nyota Uhura

Ron Boyd

Lt. Vincent DeSalle

Janice Rand

Grace Lee Whitney

Majel Barrett Rodenberry

Computer Voice

Christina Moses

Alana Sulu

Mimi Chong

Demora Sulu

Lia Johnson

Dr. Lisa Chandris

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