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New Look Responsive Website for Star Trek New Voyages!

After the recent announcment to change the name of our series back to Star Trek New Voyages, our webmaster (Peter Walker) decided to give the website a facelift as well and here it is. Let us explain what is new:

  1. New shorter url: With the change from startrekphase2.de to startreknewvoyages.de, our domain name was just getting even longer. That is a lot to type into your browser, particually on mobile devices. It was time to make things easier so now all you have to type in is www.stnv.de instead. If you want to see our Mind-Sifter page, www.stnv.de/ms will now get you there (previously www.startreknewvoyages.de/mindsifter). All the old links will continue to work, so just enjoy getting to our website faster.

  2. New paper-white modern responsive website: Our previous design had a starfield background with white text and only recently started to work better on mobile devices. It was time to improve things and we radically changed the colour scheme and made the website "responsive."
    Responsive websites automatically adjust themselves to different screen widths. This allows the website to be both readable and useable on a variety of devices from desttop, to tablet and smartphone without having to change the url. As the screen size gets smaller, graphics and pictures are automatically removed to take account of lower bandwidth and screen space.

  3. Updated web standards: By switching from flash to the html5 standard, we can insure our new website will work well on all portable devices.
    Pictures, videos, graphics should all now work on any device.

  4. Website renamed from "Star Trek Phase II - UK + Germany" to "Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II - International.

  5. Mobile app available for even faster access to the latest news. This supports Apple and Android standards as well as providing an RSS feed for all other platforms. We keep you infomed when something is new.

The new look website applies to the English language pages at first. French, German and Spanish will follow during November.

We have put a lot of work into this new updated website and we hope you like it.

The Adventure Continues...

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