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Star Trek New Voyages Links

In order to cater for various languages and download locations, New Voyages has authorised a number of official mirror websites that are permitted to offer Star Trek episodes as downloads (including this website). The downloads from these websites are counted so that we can determine how popular our episodes are. We ask you to ONLY download and view are episodes at the below locations in order to be ensured of good quality downloads and online viewing.

English Mirror Websites: *        Captions, Subtitles, Downloads, etc. New Voyages Torrent Tracker Undiscovered Mirror Site Gordon Watts Star Trek Mirror #1, #2 English downloads on Spanish website

Foreign Language Websites:

View Episodes Online:  *  (This website)

* Captions and subtitles available

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Many people support and contribute to Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II. Please visit their websites and support them. If you get the chance, let them know you found them through the link to their banner on the website. website
Star Trek Tour in Ticonderoga, NY. Facebook Page
Star Trek Phase II, Portuguese Website
Star Trek New Voyages / Phase II, Spanish Website

Other Star-Trek Fan-Films

Star Trek Hidden Frontier, Fan-Film Project Website
Starship Farragut, Fan-Film Project Website
Star Trek Odyssey, Fan-Film Project Website
Star Trek of Gods and Men, 3 Part movie with original cast members

German Star-Trek Websites

FedCon, Europe's Largest Star Trek Convention, in Germany
TrekCon, Peter Walker's Star Trek Convention Website
STBoard - Official German Star Trek Fan Club
Vulcan Willi, The German Spock

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