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Star Trek Phase II Behind the Scenes Videos 

Over the years, a number of mini documentary films have been made about New Voyages/Phase II. We have now put them here for you to see.

Star Trek New Voyages - 4x00 - Come What May - Making of - Behind the Scenes
These amusing clips from our pilot episode have been hiding away for years on the original DVD, released by New Voyages. It was time to compile them into a "Making Of".

00:00 Alternative opening sequence
01:19 Alternative contact with planet Primus IV - different actor
02:14 Onabi in the transporter room with Klingons (deleted scene)
02:46 In the corridor with alternative actor for McCoy
04:10 Onabi orion girl dance
04:44 Transporter dream sequence
06:29 Onabi in the brig
08:43 Scotty in engine room and Onabi on green screen (unfinished scenes)
09:04 Gag reel - collecting of funny mis-takes, etc.
21:12 Trailer - Short
21:54 Trailer - Long
24:01 TV News report on New Voyages
26:05 Space scenes through the main viewer
38:02 Slide show - On the set
46:09 Alternative end titles
47:29 Walter Koenig

Star Trek New Voyages - World Enough and Time, Making Of - Documentary
See how we made World Enough and Time - Documentary

00:00 On the bridge
00:49 Storyboard, green screen and special effects - Romulan ship
10:34 Around the sets
13:21 Extended and Deleted Scenes
18:20 Audition: Dr. Lisa Chandris
20:44 Audition Alana
25:44 George Takei Interview
29:25 Trailers
32:50 End titles
35:30 Message from Walter Koenig
Star Trek New Voyages - World Enough and Time, Premiere Discussion
Title: Panel talk recorded at the World Premiere of World Enough and Time 
Location: The Fine Arts Theater, Beverly Hills, LA
Date: August 23, 2007

Was originally planned to be a live podcast and was recorded at a low quality. 
The podcast did not work on the night due to technical problems.

Star Trek Phase II - The Child & Kitumba - Behind the Scenes
A behind-the-scenes look at the production of Star Trek Phase II's classic Star Trek webisodes.

Star Trek Phase II - 04x05-6 - Blood and Fire - The Sebastian Kunz Interview - David Gerrold

Radio Interview with pictures.

Star Trek Phase II - 04x07 - The Child - Behind the Scenes Documentary

Scenes filming The Child and interview with James Cawley.

Star Trek New Voyages - 04x09 - Mind-Sifter - VFX Behind the Scenes Documentary

VFX - Easter Eggs, brought to you by Pony R. Horton, VFX Supervisor.

0:00:07 Ceiling Replacement

0:00:41 Kirk's Room

0:02:04 Canteen

0:02:35 Buildings

0:03:32 Archive search

0:03:53 Gateway

0:04:03 The Guardian's Earth History Presentation

0:05:56 incl. Historical Interlude: William Mulholland

0:10:11 Credits

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