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Upcoming Adventures from New Voyages

September 11, 2015

Fellow New Voyages fans, this is an update on future adventures from your friends here at New Voyages.

The Holiest Thing

Synopsis: This is Captain James T. Kirk’s (Brian Gross) first encounter with the charismatic scientist Doctor Carol Marcus (Jacy King), who is specializes in terraforming. Carol is the woman who one day will mother Kirk`s son David and also break his heart. Doctor Marcus is leading a terraforming project on Planet Lappa III that goes horribly wrong and devastates the planet. Was it her fault? Or is a mysterious black market operation behind the catastrophy? Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise, investigate.

Those of you who donated to the Kickstarter were able to see the rough cut of ‘The Holiest Thing”, in the original shoot we were unable to film scenes with our elder Scotty (Carl Sheldon) as scripted. Mr. Scott (Carl Sheldon) Has completed all his work on “The Holiest Thing” and we are working on finalizing all the new VFX, so the episode will be presented as we originally intended! Thanks to all of you for your friendship and support! The episode will be warping your way in the near future! As soon as we complete the edit, we will announce the release date on all of our social media platforms.


Torment of Destiny

Synopsis: High Priestess Natira and her husband Doctor Leonard McCoy are held captive, meanwhile after a bombing at the Federation Embassy on Lazulia Prime has left both Admiral Withrow and the mediation negotiations between the Natives and the Fabrini in critical condition, Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise needs to get to the bottom of the bombing and find their missing officer.

As soon as “The Holiest Thing” is out of post-production, work can approach warp speed on “Torment of Destiny”. Although there is no official release date we are aiming for early next year. More updates as we get closer. This is a sequel to the Original Series episode “For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky.” Guest Starring: Rivkah Raven Wood, Rebecca Larken, Clay Sayre, Robert Withrow and Doug Calvin. Special Guest Star Richard Hatch


Origins: The Protracted Man

Synopsis: The story of Captain James Kirk, at the Academy and his first time on board the ship that he and his future crew would make famous. Guest starring: Colin Cunningham as Captain Christopher Pike and Gina Hernandez as Number One

The once thought lost episode, written and directed by David Gerrold, is being looked after. James has been poring over the footage we have from “Origins” doing a gap analysis–seeing what is still needed to get this finished. As to when the episode will be finished depends on the pick-ups that will have to be shot for the episode.

Scene from The Holiest Thing
Scene from Torment of Destiny
Scene from Origins: The Protracted Man
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