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Star Trek New Voyages Vignette: Center Seat - Download

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Featuring Ron Boyd as Lieutenant Vincent DeSalle and introducing John Lim as Lieutenant Commander Hikaru Sulu in a Star Trek New Voyages short written by Erik Korngold and directed by Erik Goodrich. "Center Seat" is a fast-paced, action-packed, and humorous character-driven piece that strikes a familiar tone with fans of the original series. The score by Patrick Phillips remains faithful to the sound of classic Star Trek, capturing the adventure and fun of this vignette.
Center Seat \n

Episode: Vignette 1
Title: "Center Seat" 
Length: 0:06:16 
Release date: 17.03.2006, Updated 29.10.2012
Stardate: Unknown - Between IHW and TSAMD\nWriter: Erik Korngold\nDirector: Erik Goodrich
English subs: Peter Walker
Center Seat Poster
While Sulu was away at Command Training, Lt. Desalle has made himself comfortable with the responsiblity of running the Bridge of the Enterprise when Captain Kirk is off duty. Upon Sulu's return to Enterprise, he is dismayed to find Desalle in the Captain's chair hardly paying Sulu any mind. Once Sulu re-asserts himself as the XO on the bridge, he takes the Ship out for a shakedown based on his homework from Command Training ... 

German Dubbed version available: 
German's are used to seeing Star Trek dubbed into German, that is with German voices instead of the original English. In collaboration with MindCrusher studios, we have produced our first episode dubbed into German. 

If you speak German and want more details, click here to visit the German version of this page. \n

If you simply want to download the episode, you can do so below.

Video Downloads - Center Seat

SDTV :  720x404 29.97fps 16:9 (42.5MB)
(Ideal for American TVs and European TVs that can playback in NTSC or PAL60 mode)

EDTV 480p:
854x480 29,976fps 16:9 (53.2MB)
Original English language version
(Ideal for HDTV TVs, etc. with original English soundtrack)

Subtitles (SRT)












(SRT subtitle files for SDTV versions Above. Additional software May be required)

James Cawley

Captain James T. Kirk

Ron Boyd

Lt. Vincent DeSalle

John Lim

Hikaru Sulu

Phil Kim

Starfleet Operations

Jeff Mailhotte

Comm Officer 1

Mari Okumura

Comm Officer 2

Ed Abbate

Lt. Cmdr. Eneign

Nathan Gastineau


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